A Backflow Assemble test must be completed yearly, but what is it?  What does it do?

Put simply if a connection is made between a “potable” or drinkable supply and a “non Potable” or non drinkable supply a Backflow Prevention assemble must be installed to prevent cross contamination.

  • Cross Connection – Is an actual or potential connection between a potable and non potable substance or source.
  • Type 1: Indirect Cross Connection I.E. a garden hose with the open end in a container of chemicals, if water pressure should drop below atmospheric then backsiphonage could occur drawing the chemical up into the domestic water supply.
  • Type 2: Direct Cross Connection I.E. If a consumer had a pump on a machine or system to increase incoming water supply pressure and the pressure of that pump was greater than the incoming pressure it could force it’s contents into the domestic water supply.

Types of Backflow Prevention Assembles


  • Double Check Valve – Typically you find this type of valve on a Fire Sprinkler System or other NON Health Hazard Only
  • Reduce Pressure Principal – The most common type it can be used on Health Hazards or Non Health Hazards Systems
  • Atmospheric, Spill Resistant and Pressure Vacuum Breakers – Typically found on Irrigation systems can be used on Health Hazards or Non Health Hazard System

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